Comply Now, Contest Later

About the Book: Encounters with Police

Encounters with Police book cover

Encounters with Police: A Black Man's Guide to Survival

By Eric C. Broyles and Adrian O. Jackson


Foreword - by Michael Wright, Attorney for family of John Crawford

Chapter 1: We Wrote this Book for You
This book is intended to provide a practical guide for black men and boys on how to react when they encounter police in any setting in order to keep the interaction peaceful so that everyone leaves the encounter safely.

Chapter 2: Mistrust between African-American Men and Police
Statistics about African-Americans relationship with law enforcement, and the effect a long history of encounters with police that makes it difficult to view police in a favorable light.

Chapter 3: Police are Human Beings
Before we get into the practical steps to survive a police encounter, we need to spend a moment to talk about police. The first thing that we want to stress to every reader is that police officers are human beings.

Chapter 4: Bad Police Exist and They can be Punished
When you encounter an abusive police officer or a bully with a badge, do not respond in the moment. Just remember to comply now and contest later.

Chapter 5: Traffic Encounters
In traffic stops, remain calm and polite and be transparent.

Chapter 6: Terry Stop Encounters
When detained or questioned by police, recognize that the police have limited information, and remember to keep calm and do not make any sudden moves for any reason

Chapter 7: Cost, Promise, & Pain
Remember our history and our ability to overcome challenges based on race.